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Please read all of below, and you should have no questions left. 

All times in Central European Time (CET)

Deliverables – All teams – Deadline Sunday 27th 15.00 hrs ECST

  • 3 min video (Paste a link to your video at our slack channel: Video Dileverables)
  • One pager (Find template here) [Yes – that is a document of total three pages :)] (Paste your document into our slack channel: PDF Deliverables) The template includes:
    • Page o: FRONT PAGE
    • Page 1: One pager
    • Page 2: Links, Team + group members

Selected teams for Oi-X Finals

Four deliverables with deadlines

  1. Two-pager document (pdf) –Deadline: Sunday 3rd of Nov. 2019 at 15.00 hrs
  2. Blogpost (wordpress) –Deadline: Sunday 3rd of Nov. 2019 at 15.00 hrs
  3. Slideshow for the 3 min pitch (ppt) – Deadline 5th of Nov, 12:00 hrs.
  4. 3 min pitch + 4 min QnA on stage at the finals – 6th of Nov 2019 the Oi-X Finals

All four deliverables are criteria’s for participating in the Oi-X Finals as a Oi-X Developer Team. The main source for evaluation will be the 3 min pitch + QnA session at the Finals. The judges will access the Oi-X blog and the two-pager in preparation for the pitching sessions.

Remember to sign-up for the Oi-X Finals the latest 3rd of Nov.

1: Two-pager document (pdf)

  • Format: Download and fill in template two pages document
  • Length: Maximum two pages (“The page 0” is for you to make a “poster/illustration” of your solution that can be hung in the jury voting room to refer to your group)
    • Page o: FRONT PAGE
    • Page 1 + 2: Twopager: Fill in the template for this – lenght: two pages: including links, team + group members.
  • Submission: Make a pdf version and e-mail to Krestine Mougaard with subject: Oi-X Two pager delivery

2: Blogpost (wordpress)

  • Format: Follows the same content as the twopager and you post yourself the content se previous solutions here:
  • Length: You are welcome to add more links and illustration than in your Two-pager document (pdf)
  • Submission: Guidelines for posting see below:
  • Guideline for posting:
  1. Log-in on the live blog:
  2. Use the username and password that you have been provided. We will e-mail you this.
  3. Select post
  4. Clone the: “#team // Team name – Template“.
  5. Change the title (example: Team 3 // Flower).
  6. Fill in your solution (be careful not to remove the code)
  7. Change the theme picture.
  8. Fill in the ‘meta description’ place a copy of your summary here
  9. Publish.

3: Slideshow for the 3 min pitch (ppt)

  • Format: We highly recommend that you submit your presentation as a Power Point Presentation (ppt) with limited links to external media. This is to ensure that you will use your 3 minutes pitch without any technical issues. Please use Slide size 16:9. Note that you cannot use your own computer, this is due to time limitations and AV technicialities.
  • Length: Try to keep the presentation at minimum slides and keep in mind you only have 3 minutes for the pitch
  • Submission: Send a pdf and ppt version of your presentation to Krestine Mougaard with subject: Oi-X Slideshow for pitch

4: 3 min pitch + 4 min QnA on stage at the finals

  • Format: On stage 3 min., followed by 3-4 min. for questions. (program coming soon ) Sessions and order of the groups will be presented on the day.
  • Sign-up here: coming soon

Parameters the solutions will be evaluated by:

Solution & Business Model and scalability

The actual solution they have presented is it convincing and does it have potential? Did they bring a finished solution/concept? How well did they describe their solution? The business model connected to their solution, is it sustainable?

Prototype & Proof of concept

Did they present evidence that it is possible to develop what they have presented as a solution/concept? Did they present proof-of-concept at all? Do they have user and/or customer validation? Have they developed a mock-up / prototype and done any initial testing / pretotyping?

Sustainability & Impact

To what extend will the solution create a positive impact on one or several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs)? and how well do they reflect on this?

Creativity & Novelty

Level of innovation hight. Is the solution novel and not seen in before. Has the team illustrated a creative approach in their problemsolving?

Communication & Team

How well did the team present their solution on stage and in the two-pager? What is the background of the team; Was cross-disciplinarity and educational background reflected in the solution? Have the team demonstrated a creative approach to the challenge? How well did they develop a solution that match their backgrounds and competences?


Oi-X Track:  Copernicus Hackathon 20.000 dkk

Oi-X Track:  Nordic Health Hackathon 20.000 dkk

Oi-X Track:  TAPAS Precision Positioning Hackathon 20.000 dkk

Oi-X: Nomination of Best Pitch •Oi-X: Nomination of overall winner: Oi-X Green Mobility Winning team.

Copernicus Hackathon: Winner team: 1st 15.000dkk, 2nd 10.000, 3rd 5.000dkk

Nordic Health Hackathon: 1st 30.000 dkk2nd 20.000 dkk, 3rd  10.000 dkk