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Mentors from academia, challenge sponsors and other partners will be present throughout the Developer Weekend. Their purpose is to support your team in accelerating the development of innovative, feasible and impactful solutions and concepts to the challenges.

We encourage you to be proactive in seeking inspiration and sparring with different mentors throughout the Developer Weekend.

To help you seek mentorship during the sprint, then:

  1. Book mentors by making use of the mentor schedule found on Skylab ground floor
  2. Identify the mentors from challenge sponsors by the visitors wearing BLUE key hangers
  3. Mentor feedback sessions in the programme
    • You will stand among your fellow developers and informally pitch your idea and later solution to a group of mentors for their feedback. Get inspiration from the other challenge teams and touch base with your mentors.
  4. 1-pager draft delivery for mentor feedback (Sunday 24th March 15:00).  Your Developer Team submit a one-pager with your solution which will be reviewed and given feedback while you are participating in the pitch training session. Consider to use the template for your final solution – download here. Send this document to:


1.Martin Skjold Grøntved, head of section, Positioning and GNSS // Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency

2.Sarah Zedlitz Alberg, Head of Section – New business models // Danish Business Authority  

3.Mikkel Sohrt, Founder // Urban Radar

4.Jeppe Rasmussen, Founder // BeResourceful

5.Per Kolbecki Nielsen, Special Advisor // Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency

6.Maciej Litewski, Marketing Manager // Cloudferro

7.Marcin Gil, Technical Support Manager // Cloudferro

8.Sune Nordentoft Lauritsen, Head of Department & Innovation lead // DTU Space

9.Maria Tammelin Gleerup, Project Coordinator // DTU Space

10.Poul Z. Nielsen, Senior Advisor // ESA Business Incubation Centre Denmark

11.Inge Sandholt, Director // Earth Observation Sandholdt 

12.Freyr Hólm Ketilsson, Co-founder & CEO // DattacaLabs

13.Jette Vindum, Project Developer, Technology & Environment // Vejle Municipality

14.Marianna Lubanski, CEO // Lyngby-Taarbæk VidensBy

15.Kim Spiegelberg Stelzer, Smart City Senior Advisor // Copenhagen Solutionslab

16.Matteo Calaon, Innovation Lead, DTU MEK

17.Ali Gürcan Özkil, Assistant Professor // DTU MEK

18.Anne Catrine Dahlgaard, Assistant Attorney // Kroman Reumert

19.Heela Lakanval, Assistant Attorney // Kroman Reumert

20.Anders Petersen , Assistant Attorney // Kroman Reumert 

21.Vlad Gidea, Investment & Incubator Manager // ITU

22.Krestine Mougaard, Project Manager // DTU Skylab

23.Ben Cahill, Project Manager DTU Skylab Digital // DTU Skylab

24.Diana Lundgren, Project Manager // DTU Skylab

25. Jakob Svagin, Team lead // DTU Skylab