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Communication and Support

  • Identify the Oi-X Event Team by those wearing the RED Oi-X key hangers
  • For urgent matters contact
    • Krestine Mougaard (+45 2558 2148) or
    • Rikke (+45 25521109)
  • WiFi access in Skylab: Connect to the network “dtuguest” and then open your browser and follow the instructions.

Your Oi-X Event Team

  • Krestine Mougaard Lead organizer and Facilitator, Project Manager, DTU Skylab
  • Bo Krüger, Facilitator, Implement Consulting Group  (not Saturday or Sunday)
  • XX, Event Team Lead and Student Assistant, DTU Skylab
  • XX, Event Coordinator, DTU Skylab
  • XX, Event Team and Student Assistant, DTU Skylab (not Sunday)
  • XX  Assistant, Event Team, DTU Skylab (not Friday and Saturday)
  • XX, Assistant, Event Team, DTU Skylab (not Friday and Saturday)
  • XX, Assistant, Event Team, DTU Skylab (not Friday and Saturday)

Skylab House Rules

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Trash cans and bottles in the specific bins for recycling. Try to make the most out of the material you get from Skylab.
  • Be kind: Give and receive. Ask for help and lend an idea to those in need. More is more.
  • Keep the flow going: Remember that Skylab is a shared space. Make room for others as well.
  • Keep the kitchen space tidy: Don´t leave your dirty dishes at the sink. Skylab has dishwashers – use them.
  • Leave no trace: Clean up after yourself. Please leave the space even better than you found it.
  • Make more: …if the coffee urn is empty. Making sure that there´s freshly made coffee is not someone´s job – it is everybody´s job

Download here the DTU Skylab Sprint Kit tools here

  • Download the zip folder and you will find all the tools that are mentioned in the DTU Skylab sprint kit
  • The Sprint Kit Cards find them here

For more information visit